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Spoonieverse gift box - Fibromyalgia

Spoonieverse gift box - Fibromyalgia

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Spoonieverse boxes provide a pick me up, awareness, and some self care for spoonies / the chronically ill all in one box!

Fibromyalgia- Each box contains: 2x Postcards - For your wall, journal, or to send to a friend 1x Sticker sheet - Use to decorate your belongings, journal or laptop. 1x Illness sticker (Fibromeowgia) - Use to decorate your belongings, journal or laptop. 1x Scratch card - Now REPLACED with a raising awareness, not seeking attention sticker 1x Healing crystals and Himalayan salt bag - The mini crystals provided are great healers. Ground yourself, take a relaxing bath and remove toxins from your body with the Himalayan salt. 1x Coaster - Have a cup of your favourite hot drink whilst taking in this important message from your coaster friend. 1x Teabag - Take a break 1x Heart shape candle - Set the tone for your self care evening 1x Bookmark - A reminder to take some time for yourself a read a good book 1x Door hanger - For those naps you may need to take 1x Illness pin (Fibromeowgia) - To raise awareness about your condition. Wear on your lanyard, jacket or pin to your pin board. 1x Notepad - It does what it says! This notepad will help you vent, see the good things in life and find your balance. 1x Sleep tight pressure point balm - Intended to help you sleep but this soothing balm can also reduce stress and headaches. Made by the fabulous Little Shop of Lathers.

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