Enamel Pin Pre-Orders have arrived!

Enamel Pin Pre-Orders have arrived!

Have we got some exciting news for you! Get ready to jazz up your favourite jackets, backpacks, or wherever you love to display your awareness, because our brand new enamel pins are up for pre-order, and they’re as punny as they are meaningful!

A blue and red graphic of a Pigeon looking confused holding up a wing with a speech bubble full of numbers and a question mark. Above the pigeon reads 'dyscalcoolia enamel pin' and underneath reads 'ore-order!'. The enamel pin is raising awareness for dyscalculia.

First up, let’s talk about our Dyscalcoolia pin. This charming pigeon pin is ready to help you tackle any mathematical challenge with a touch of pun humour. “Hey, Dyscalculia, we see you, and we’re here to support!”

PRE-ORDER Dyscalcoolia Enamel Pin - Dyscalculia



A red and blue graphic background with a yellow crying smiling and sweating male lion with its paw raised in the middle. Above the lion reads 'complex post troarmatic stress disorder enamel pin' and underneath reads 'pre-order!'. Across the lions chest is C-PTSD. The enamel pin design is raising awareness for complex post traumatic stress disorder.

Next in line is our Complex Post Troarmatic pin, featuring none other than a majestic lion with a powerful stance. This pin is all about acknowledging the strength and resilience of those navigating the complex journey of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Roar loud and proud, because you’re not alone in this journey!

PRE-ORDER Complex Post Troarmatic Stress Disorder Enamel Pin - C-PTSD - Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder




A red and blue graphic background with a rainbow shell kawaii cute style tortoise with pink cheeks and sparkling eyes in the middle. On its shell is a red heart with SEN in the middle. Above the tortoise reads 'speshell educational needs enamel pin' and underneath reads 'pre-order!'. The pin design is raising awareness for SEN Special Educational Needs.

And last but certainly not least, we have our Speshell Educational Needs pin, starring an adorable tortoise with a rainbow shell. Learning differences are what make us beautifully unique, right? Let’s celebrate the diversity of educational needs and create a world where everyone thrives! These are perfect for adding to your lanyard too!

PRE-ORDER Speshell Educational Needs Enamel Pin - SEN - Special Educational Needs



Now, here’s the scoop on how you can snag these fantastic pins. Simply hop onto our website and place your pre-order within the next four weeks. Once we hit our funding goal (fingers crossed!), we’ll get busy producing these punny pins, which should take about another four weeks.

Fear not, if by some wild twist of fate we don’t hit our target, your money will refunded right back to you.


So what are you waiting for? Let’s make some magic happen together! Spread the word, pre-order your favourites, and let’s kickstart some meaningful conversations while rocking some seriously stylish pins. After all, making a difference can be as simple as wearing your heart (and your pins) on your sleeve.

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