Disability Kickstarter Campaign 2023

Disability Kickstarter Campaign 2023

Disability Kickstarter campaign 2023

I'm back with my 17th Kickstarter campaign! This campaign is to raise further awareness for disabilities. Less invisible this time! 

What is Kickstarter and how can you help?

Kickstarter is a fundraising platform to help me raise the money needed to make these products! Things to know if you have never used Kickstarter before:

  • This campaign will run for 30 days
  • Kickstarter will only charge you once the campaign is over and successfully funded.
  • Stretch goals are further funding goal targets that we can reach once the first pin is funded. Stretch goals will then unlock.
  • lf you see a design you like that isn’t unlocked yet, pledge anyway to increase the chances of unlocking the others.
  • You can cancel, decrease or increase your pledge at any time.
  • Sharing this campaign will help it reach a wider audience and to fund everything!

Message me on social media if you have any questions about how Kickstarter works! If everyone that viewed my social media posts or the campaign itself donated just £1, we would smash it!! I am hoping to fund all of these pins and stickers to bring you guys lots of fun chronic illness products to the shop! 

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