Sip, snack, and relax with our new coasters! ☕️🍪

Sip, snack, and relax with our new coasters! ☕️🍪

Hey there, tea, coffee, matcha.... or any drink lovers! Have you heard the tea-riffic news? We've just released a fresh batch of quirky and pun-tastic coasters to elevate your sipping experience. Get ready to add a splash of personality to your coffee table with our latest arrivals!


 The Disabili Tea and Biscuits Coaster - Disability on a blue background. The orange and red gradient wooden coaster features various disabled and chronically ill innabox characters with and in cups of tea amongst cookies, biscuits, spoons, sugar cubes, sparkles and rainbows.

First up, we have the Disabili Tea and Biscuits Coaster. This coaster is the perfect blend of disability awareness and a love for tea and biscuits. It's a cheeky reminder to embrace inclusivity and raise awareness all whilst enjoying your favourite brew.



The Gill Tripping Coaster - Guilt Tripping on a red background. The fish themed wooden coaster is a blue gradient background with two goldfish, one is smiling with its eyes closed and a speech bubble reading 'you'd do it if you loved me' and the one below is angry with a speech bubble reading 'wtf?'. Above both fish is black text that reads 'gill tripping'. The design is raising awareness for guilt tripping and manipulative abuse. 

Next in line is the Gill Tripping Coaster. Say goodbye to guilt trips and hello to guilt-free sipping with this fish-themed coaster. Let it take you on a "cap-tea-vating" journey every time you reach for your cup! Guilt tripping was a constant game in my old plaice...



The Ass-Lighting Coaster - Gaslighting on a blue background. The red and pink gradient wooden coaster features a grey smiling donkey holding a lit orange lantern in its mouth with a speech bubble reading 'I'm sorry you think I meant to hurt you'. Above the donkey is black text that reads 'Ass-lighting'.

Looking to brighten up your space and ward off negativity? The Ass-Lighting Coaster is here to remind you to keep your surroundings light and positive. Say no to gaslighting and yes to a cosy atmosphere with this lighthearted accessory. You are not crazy! 



The Narc Shark Coaster - Narcissism on a red background. The blue wooden coaster features a blushing smiling blue shark chewing a red shoe and a speech bubble reading 'I didn't do 'nuffin, you imagined it bro!'. Underneath the great white shark is black text that reads 'the narc shark'. Design is raising awareness for narcissistic abuse.

Feeling like you need a little self-care reminder? The Narc Shark Coaster is here to bump you towards prioritising yourself. The Narc Shark might be a narcissist itself BUT it could help sort out some of your narcissist issues if you let it swim into your life and feed it loads of compliments!



The Scape Goating Coaster - Scapegoat on a red background. The blue wooden coaster features two white and brown baby goats, the one on the right has its eyes closed pointing a hoof to the other goat with a speech bubble reading 'they're to blame, not me!'. The goat on the left looks confused and has a thought bubble with a ? inside. Above both goats in black text reads 'scape-goating'.

And last but not least, we have the Scape Goating Coaster. This punny goat-themed coaster is ready to take the blame for any drink spills that may occur. It's the perfect scapegoat for any beverage mishaps!




Head over to New In or Coasters and snap these coasters up before they make you believe they were never here! Your coffee table will also thank you for the added flair and charm!

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